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Maxbimmer Midnight Cruise 2012 Part 1: Friday June 22nd (GTA)

Date: Friday June 22nd
Time: 11pm meet start - cruise starts AFTER MIDNIGHT
Meeting Place: La Paloma, Woodbridge
Directions: See Friday night meet thread here.

I want to take a second to thank everyone who came out and made the Spring Cruise as great as it was. We had 100+ cars and had an exciting day in the sun exploring Kawartha Lakes region. Now it's time for Midnight Cruise, which is very different from the daytime events.

First, as the name implies, it's at night. We drive into the early hours of Saturday morning all the while taking advantage of the lack of traffic on the streets. We do not stray as far from the urban area of Toronto as the day cruises - no, we don't need people falling asleep on long country roads or breaking down 300km from home. But in the shorter route we definitely have as much (or more) fun.

No, I will not tell you where we are going. Even if you PM me. This route is always kept secret; in fact in some events we don't even hand out route maps or directions (still deciding on this one). If you've never been before, come out and see why we've been running this event for 8 years running. It's like little else, really.

Things to bring: a full tank of gas, bottles of water, FRS radio, GPS of some sort.
Things to leave: alcohol, drugs, high sense of self-entitlement.

Here's a video BADRAT made of last year's event:

See you there.
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