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Thanks for the input, guys.

That green is starting to grow on me, so to speak.

Say very quietly... the green cloth seats are actually more comfortable that the fancy black leather iS ones. (Shhhh...)

Drove the iS yesterday for the first time this year. It started right up and runs strong. It's really quick even though the shifter is loose and finding the right gear is more a matter of luck than skill. I was leaning towards keeping it and fixing it some more but then it leaked gas and steering fluid all over my driveway. And it's going to rain tonight so that means the carpets are going to get wet again, since I can't out a gas leak in the garage.

And that ABS system is driving me buggy.

Definitely leaning Green.
I'll decide if I want to swap engines after I drive the 320 with the current engine.
"You can have more fun driving a slow car fast than driving a fast car slowly."
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