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Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
This is one of the best project status updates I've seen recently
I'm only laughing at it because Scott seems to be ok and can still type.

You guys are having problems with the tie rod and inner ball joint? C'Mon...
Inner ball joint is easy, your run of the mill $20 pickle fork should wedge nicely between the control arm and the front subframe right near the inner ball joint... smash it with a BFH until it pops.
For the tie rod
-turn the wheel so the desired ball joint is facing out
-support strut assembly with a jack
-if you're trying to save the ball joint screw the nut onto the ball joint stud
-get something solid such as an old, long 1/2" extension
-place on top of ball joint stud
-abuse repeatedly with BFH until it pops.
-alternatively you can also beat against the control arm, but the farther you hit from the ball joint the longer it will take to get it to pop
All the ball joints were no problem getting to pop. That's not the issue. Just clearance on the passenger side inner. Getting the socket under the M42 exhaust manifold is a tight fit, but otherwise not an issue.

The real issue is taking the outer tie rods off... they're original, and don't have a flat spot to put a wrench on them. So even with fire, witch's piss, and vice grips, those outer tie rods are on there to stay. New z3 rack will take care of that.

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Grow up and move on.
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