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Miami Weiss

Most people may know about this car already from my 'Name My New Project!' thread which was somewhat of a failure. Most people voted that my names were all stupid, and they probably were.

But with work already starting on the car already I figured my thread needed to get going sooner or later so here it is.

Project Miami Weiss!

I really like the Pfeba kit. A lot of people don't and I understand why. It does change the look of the car quite a bit and an M Tech II front end does look cleaner. As far as kits go though I think it is definitely one of the nicer ones.

I have been trying to find any information I can on it but I can't seem to come up with much. I did find a 'BMW Aerodynamik' brochure which has a lot of photos and part numbers but it's in German. I would love to know how many are actually around.

Also this one has side markers whereas most I see do not. I don't know if there were 2 different kits made or holes were just cut. I would like to have those filled in because it does look cleaner.

As always I don't have huge plans for the car. With limited space and since I daily drive my E30's (when they work) engine swaps and things that will take more then a weekend are usually out of the picture.

Suspension and brakes are already underway and should be finished this weekend. I have basically brand new H&R race springs and Bilstein sport shocks from my Schwarz coupe. I also have brand new stock brakes from that car as well. Ball joints, M3 offset bushings, and tie rods will be done as well... Hopefully.

I want to drive spend the summer driving the car. I don't want this to be a common sight... (and if you look closely you'll see a few wheel options, but more on that later)

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