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You can't easily roll the km's back but I think he said it has relatively low mileage (somewhere around 150k). If your DME has the higher mileage then the cluster can be aligned to to DME and show the higher value without showing the tamper dot. I'm sure there is someone out there that can roll back the cluster but its probably more hassle than its worth. To make it work you need to run a wire to the cluster from the oil temp sensor (this can be an aftermarket sender or come stock on engines like the s50 euros or s54).

The CSL airbox is definitely a mod I have on the list but it probably won't happen for a couple years. Right now to get an oem setup is about 6 grand! However, there are aftermarket boxes like evolve and bimmerworld that are a bit cheaper.

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im interested in that other cluster, what else do u need to make use of the oil temp gauge? the mileage would be documented when i put it in, but can you "roll back" the km on the cluster? it would be nice to find cluster without a quarter million km on on the odometer

ps. the polished vanos housing looks wicked! it look even better beside a csl air box hehe

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