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Vtec just kicked in
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you have an early engine?

probably good idea on the bearings anyways since the motor is out. Really a big issue was bmw spec'd the 5w30 early on for those engines... then changed to the 10w60 (which is a bit of a bandaid by bmw...but it works)

doing it yourself isnt hard. ive done that kind of work with the block in the car still. even then its not bad.

lol race engine. not really.

its a design problem that they missed(thanks to high revs and long stroke) but that oil helps deal with it.

its pretty much common sense you shouldnt thrash any engine before the fluids are up to temp...and mainly oil not just water. oil temp lags water temp by quite a bit so just because water comes up to temp doesnt mean your oil is up to temp.
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