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The S54 is pretty much a race engine for the street so its going to wear like one if driven like one. Pretty much all race engines go through rod bearings in a season. You can still visit 8k on the street but if you hang up there all the time its going to wear out the bearings. There are kits out there that claim to reduce wear like VAC and Bimmerworld which offer treated and coated bearings. Its an inherent problem with all high revving engines because of the beating the rods take at redline. There are many other factors too though like having proper oil change intervals,and warming up the car properly before going to redline. I know Jay has original rod bearings in his roadster and they have over 200k miles but that car was maintained very well. I'm actually glad I have to do this. It will give me peace of mind and a chance to properly break in the motor and maintain it.

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So can you get modified parts to make it safe to 8000 or are you going to keep it at under 7600?

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