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good thread... I am new to the site and have just read it.

About 5 years ago, during a heavy winter storm I was driving my pathfinder to work and entered the underground parking garage. There was a lot snow on my vehicle and many of the windows were covered. Why backing up into a spot I hit a very low porsche carrera 4s that was being stored with a white car cover. The walls of underground parking were white and I could see the car clearly.

Anyways, family member that work in insurance, told me that the porsche owner could be at fault and they should not storing their car in a public place like that and I should check to see if he removed the insurrance for storage. This would mean that the guy would be forced to deal with it and insurance would say 'too bad' to him. I took responsibility and paid for the damages and told the guy that it was hard to see his car and also about the insurance advice my family gave me. In the end, he suggested we split the cost and I was grateful.

This year I stored my M3 and did it right. The storage place that I used stated that I needed to have insurance. I left the minimum on as this is a professional storage facility and not open to other public cars. It was also cheaper than month parking. LOL...
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