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I just imported a car from the U.S. and would like to add a few important points to this thread:

- Make sure you have a fax confirmation print-out after faxing the title to the border. They request that once you arrive 72hrs later. They receive (literally) 100's of faxed titles since you've sent yours.

- The (72hr) three business-day wait is not enforced. I faxed mine Wed night, showed up Monday morning and all was good. According to the info I collected, (technically) I should have showed up Tues morning. Others I spoke with importing vehicles have also confirmed this.

- Do not try and scam the Canada Customs of taxes by declaring a lesser value for the vehicle. They are not laid-back like the local DMV offices and will research your transaction happily since they have nothing better to do. If they find you're lying and can prove it, you will be subjected (up to) a 45% surcharge on the value difference between declared and actual, along with a "flagged notice" every time you cross the border for many years to come. (don't ask me how I know this)
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