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Importing into Canada form the US

I am interested in importing a 2009 BMW 335I into Canada. As I want the BMW Warranty to be valid once imported I will need to have the inspection done by a Canadian BMW dealer. From my telephone conversations with a local BMW dealer (KW area) I have been told that the recall letter will cost me $500 and the instrument cluster will need to be replaced at a cost of $2000 due mainly for the DRL's to be activated.
I've contacted a couple of US BMW dealers who have advised me that the DRL's are standard on a 2009 BMW 335. Needles to day I am wondering what it is that a Canadian BMW deler actually does then as far as "value-added" for this $2000 they are expecting. The speedometer is already in both mph and kph so that's obviously not it.
Additionally, the recall letter letter can be from BMW USA and it is not necessary for the same letter from BMW Canada for RIV purposes - unless I am missing something here.
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