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Just finishing importing my 3rd BMW; its not too difficult but you have to follow procedure - read completely. Note a BMW Canada recall letter for $500 is no longer necessary [read RIV - get it free from a USA BMW dealer]. Have a CDN dealer check the VIN to see what mods are req'd; E90's could require more than $2000. I was told the speedo cluster needs changing-no idea why. Get insurance so you can get temp tags. US Customs require the original title for 72 hours and they export only 8am-4pm Mon-Fri. Cdn Customs next for Form 1, pay GST, Duty, RIV fee. BMW Cda must do mods, for E46 just turning on DRL's. CTC does inspection-very simple and quick (for E46) then emissions test, safety then go to provincial licence bureau with 1. original Title, 2. Bill of Sale, 3. Form 1 stamped by CTC 4. Emissions test and 5. safety.
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