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325iSBimmer 01-28-2004 03:18 AM

what E30....
After this being my first winter with my car I have decided to get a second car for the next winter. I would like to stay with a BMW cause I love them. I know BMW's aren't great in the winter but i just dont want to drive my E36 through all the salt and grime while risking smashing it up.

so here's what I've got. I want an E30 but im not sure which one.
I sort of want to haev fuel economy which pushes me to the 318 but i dont want it to be soo gutless that I'll have a hard time keeping 120 on the highway. I would also like it to be reliable. I know the 325 will get me both reliability and power but it is also more when it comes to insurance. so unless someone thinks E30 318's are bad then i think im leaning towards one of those... other option I've been considering is a E30 325xi....
dont know much about those..
-how is the AWD
-is the drive train still reliable
-are they that different from a 325i
-are they a lot more money than the same year/milage/condition 325i

The other car I was considering was a 92ish Subaru Legacy or any other Subaru with AWD...

I had a 92 legacy at the shop today and it had been sitting in the back lot for 2 days while it had been snowing and I was having a hell of a time trying to get other vehicle's in/out of there but when i went to get the Legacy it had NO problem getting out of the spot it was in.. I was amazed..i think it did better than some of the 4x4 explorers.. I was especially impressed by the height adjustable suspension...from the push of a button on the dashboard the whole car raises 2- 3 inches..... I couldn't belive my own eyes

anyways...long post to ask simple question...what do you guys recomend....

SebSter 01-28-2004 05:21 AM

as an 325ix driver i can tell u a bit from my experience..

first with the bad, the tranny's tend to go...mine isnt in the greatest shape..and from what i read it seems to be the biggest issue with this car

that being said, so far i havent seen it to be such a big problem... the car still runs great.. performance-wise all i have is a cone filter and a markD chip, and it flies.. on the street and on the highway, hits 200 in no time

the awd rocks, especially the past couple of days in the snow without it id be done for.. even with my shitty tires, i make it up hills no problem, havent gotten stuck anywhere so far (cross-fingers)

i got no complaints with it, i love it...picked it up for 4500 back in march (its a 1990 and had about 198k clicks) but i think i got pretty lucky with it, on trader i saw ixes going for about 6-7g's..

for a winter car i would highly reccomend it, hell even for a year round driver...with just a few mods you can make it look pretty sick.. my only regret with it is that its 4dr, but you can find them in 2dr too if you get lucky

blacknblue-e30 01-28-2004 07:49 AM

Well let me tell ya first hand, 318s arent a bad ride at all.
You wont have a tough time holding 120, maybe 200 yea, these things love to cruize at 140. Yes aswell the gas consumption is pretty good, probably better than the 325, but really is all depends on how you drive your 318.
The 318 has got some balls, where the power lacks compared to the 325 is high end 3rd gear and so forth. On the highway it cruizes well at any speed you give it. but again the acceleration from lets say 140 to 160 will not beat a 325, slightly slower *atleast in my experiances*

I contantly beat my buddy of the line until he hits high 3rd gear, then he inches past me, he drives a 325.

I would say at least consider the 318, its a dying breed!! ;)

take it easy

Slowered318 01-28-2004 09:31 AM

having owned both 325is and 318is. the 325 was a little more power.. mostly torque (not that you need to go fast in the winter), both cars hold 140+ very well on the highway, both are good on gas, both have about the same insurance rate, both are fun to drive!

But the 318 might give you some problems because the motor takes so long to heat up and warm the cab, and mine didn't like to start when it's extreamly cold.

325iSBimmer 01-29-2004 12:33 AM

thanks for the input so far....
I've still been Considering the Subaru Legacy only because of the fact that I can pic up a nice 90-94 AWD with 4 cyl(possibly turbo) for around 1G note. the only thing is my boss said they are a bitch to work on because flat 4cyl design

and from what you guys have said If I go the E30 route I might just get whatever comes up in decent shape and mechanically sound whether it be 318 or 325.

Mind you Im definately goin to be keeping my eyes open for a 325ix... that would be the ideal car....BMW and AWD...

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