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SickFinga 12-31-2003 10:16 PM

I just crashed!!
Ok it is not bad at all, but i got LUCKY.
I was driving southbound on Yonge St. In the right lane.
F*cking slut is in the left lane stopped cause of the traffic in the left lane. She sees that left lane is empty IN FRONT of her, and she decides to go on it. I was a meter behind from her, and she starts to change lane. So I slam on the brakes, turn my steering wheel to the right and all i see is tree, fence and a huge lamp post. So I jumped the curb with my front left wheel.

Bitch stops and comes out and tell me it was my own accident.
WTF IS THAT? I just decided to jump the curb.
Then she tells me I was doing 120, when i wasnt even speeding.
Then she tells me I have control over my car, and that she didnt see me, so it is my own accident.

WTF is that supposed to mean. I said, im calling the cops and we will see whose accident it was.

So cop came, told me i was lucky ( my car was between a tree and a lamp post, and steel fence was half a meter away from my front bumper) and that it is unreportable accident, meaning if you want to go through insurance then my rate will go up.

So I ended up with a damaged rim and sidewall on my tire is ripped and who knows what's up with my control arm.

P.S. Anyone know if I can take it to small claims court and sue the bitch so I can get new tire and a rim fixed.

P.P.S LTW rims are ****ing strong there is no dent on it, it just has a 1 inch scratch.

Betray 12-31-2003 10:22 PM

I know for sure you can do something about this.
If you take her to court you will win
simple reasons. shes talking this nonesense so you will admit to it.

For every action theres a reaction.. now how can she tell you were doing 120? IF she could tell you were doing 120, then she was AWARE that it was improper to change lanes. now if you werent speeding well then, she failed to check her spots before turning. Now im no lawyer, though i know i should have been one.. this is not a case of whos fault is it.. its purly her fault! if she admited that she cut you off on the report you can win this open and shut case. of course you should get a lawyer.

BMW BMXer 12-31-2003 10:25 PM

I hate that unreportable accident bullshit.

SickFinga 12-31-2003 10:26 PM

you are not allowed to have a lawyer in small claims courts.

BMW BMXer 12-31-2003 10:28 PM

You could still talk to a lawyer prior too going couldnt you?

Jon@Bimmersport 12-31-2003 10:36 PM


Originally posted by BMW BMXer
You could still talk to a lior prior too going couldnt you?

Betray 12-31-2003 10:42 PM

ok guys start sticking maxbimmer cards on bmws in law firm parking lots

HooliGaN* 12-31-2003 10:44 PM


Thanx mr spellcheck

SickFinga 12-31-2003 10:44 PM

btw cop told me Canada has a non-blame insurance.

it means that if its your or not your fault insurance is going UP.

HooliGaN* 12-31-2003 10:45 PM

thats if you claim it
dont claim it!!!!!!!!

SebSter 12-31-2003 10:49 PM

women drivers...... *no-no* *no-no*

Soldo 12-31-2003 10:50 PM


Originally posted by SickFinga
btw cop told me Canada has a non-blame insurance.

it means that if its your or not your fault insurance is going UP.

I knew it!
Take the bitch to judge judy!
If it wasn't her fault, why would she stop to yell at you!
*uzi* *uzi* *uzi*
Women can not drive, thats givven, but what the fak!
Thats why its ALWAYS best to just HIT a car, instead of avoiding it, avoiding it can get you the same/worse damage, and its YOUR fault!
Now i'm just PISSED!

SickFinga 12-31-2003 10:52 PM


Originally posted by HooliGaN*
thats if you claim it
dont claim it!!!!!!!!

''im not going to report it, im just gonna try to sue her ass.

1BADBMR 12-31-2003 11:13 PM

Damn that sucks...The important things is your not hurt. Your car can always be fixed.
You could take it to small claims court, but IMO its a waste of time & money.

I feel ur pain man... Just yesterday my neighbour was backing outta his Drive way and smacked the rear of my car:mad: (He's paying for the damage thou)

Hope all goes well:)

SickFinga 12-31-2003 11:30 PM

why is it a waste of money and time?

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