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BlueBimmer09 09-08-2012 06:54 PM

Thanks Again for a great service
Hi, Rocco

Just wanted to thank everyone again on your team in helping me out of a tight spot. haha, I guess my car is getting to that mid-life crisis where parts starts to fail and needs to be replaced (with some high performance parts) to give some of its youth back.

Anyways, If anyone wants to know, while I was driving to the office Friday morning when my car's chasis suddenly started to shake and raddle violently whenever I step on the gas with my engine light on.

I drove my car straight to RMP (against my better judgement, probably should of called CAA) to ask for their advice. They were booked full for the day and I did not have an appointment but they said they will call me around noon time to see if they can fit me in. Guess what they did and I dropped my car off at noon time.

Rocco took a look and knew exactly what happened, (one of my engine ignition coils failed causing misfire) fixed it and I was ready to go all in a matter of 20 minutes.

Now that is customer service, considering they were most likely working over their lunch time

Just a big thanks again. You guys are a life saver.


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